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Our mission is to
change the world,
one conversation at a time.


How to Get Business Done Through Strategic Conversations.

Business gets done through conversation. So what if we told you that you and your colleagues can learn how to have strategic business conversations -– not just what to do, but also how to do it -– that produce both immediate and lasting results?

Our mission is to change the world, one conversation at a time. So for more than 30 years, we have been helping business people learn how to have those conversations.

Our approach, based on decades of research, means that participants spend about two-thirds of workshop time in hands-on practice, addressing their own, real-world scenarios from their own job experiences – not off-the-shelf case studies. They receive feedback and are able to use what they learn immediately, and they also see themselves as others see them – often for the first time.

Our data show that such aha! moments generate immediate, lasting behavior changes that equip participants to have more productive business conversations, immediately and consistently, thus bringing about the desired business results.

To learn how strategic conversations can help you deliver immediate and lasting results for your organization, call or email us today at 704.892.5097 or

How you handle conversations may well be the difference between success and failure.

These conversations will take your organization to the next level


“The commitment to engaging

in their customer’s problems is

what sets AlexanderHancock

apart. They don’t want to just

deliver a canned program that

doesn’t relate to your business

issues. They spend the time

finding out what real business

problems you’d like to solve

and then build a program to

find those solutions.”

“The folks at

AlexanderHancock are

astute at understanding the

opportunity and developing a

program to meet the needs of

your business regardless of the

industry you are in, because

their sweet spot is developing


Sheri S
EVP Human Resources

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