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A CFO says to the CEO, “What happens if we invest all this money in training and then these people leave the company?”. The CEO responds “What happens if we don’t and they stay?”

At AlexanderHancock, we are committed to business training that is not just an “event,” but instead produces enduring results. Because of that commitment, we do two things:

First, we focus on building skills that can be immediately applied on the job, rather than on theoretical discussions. We believe training should result not only in knowledge, but especially in know-how, and in the commitment to do it.

Second, we customize our business training programs to fit your unique situation, business strategy, culture, and people. After discussion with you and other experts within your organization, we select the emphasis, specific skills to be developed, key learning points, exercises, and case studies for practice to create a solution tailored just for you.

Examples Of Niche Customization

Many clients ask us to develop training customized to fit a very specific situation. Here are just a few of these highly specific solutions that we have developed and implemented in the past few years:

  • How to influence investors in a down market
  • How to get systems developers and end users on the same page before development efforts and investment begin
  • Developing the skills of insurance claims professionals to conduct a peer review of each claims office
  • A curriculum to help local government department heads to think and act more like business executives
  • Clear and precise team communication in the nuclear reactor control room
  • How to maintain and exceed performance levels in a downsizing environment

Our customized training typically falls in one of 5 areas: leadership development, supervisory development, sales and customer service skills, staff function business partner skills, and innovation/change skills. The following lists some of the customized training solutions we have developed in each of those 5 areas. Contact Us for learning solutions that are tailored for your unique needs.

Leader Development Solutions

Straight Talk Supervisory Solutions

Customer Value First Solutions

Expert Business Partner Solutions

Creative Change Solutions

10 Key Business hallenges

Many companies are trying to find ways to differentiate themselves in an uncertain, competitive market. We identify the key challenges to focus on in the next year.

11 Lessons of Leadership

How do you rank?

Inner View 360

Confront and overcome blindspots by eliciting crucial feedback for leaders.

Rapid Skill Development

Small group practice and customized coaching help individuals with strong technical skills but weak interpersonal skills develop those necessary soft skills rapidly.