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Grow Sales

In a recently merged manufacturing company there was a large amount of scrap being produced and wrong shipments sent to key customers. Sales reps and customer service fulfillment reps were in warring, turf-protecting camps. There was a strong perception that Sales was making promises that Fulfillment couldn’t keep. Because of the turmoil, there was heavy turnover as well. This was a costly, disastrous situation for all concerned. Through targeted surveys, conversations and focus groups, it was discovered that employees of the two merged companies were clinging to their separate processes, withholding information needed by “the other side” to complete sales and billing operations.

AHA developed a custom teambuilding and training solution which got rid of the yours/mine attitude among sales staffers and installed redundant communication loops to ensure sales data was accurate and no information was “lost.”

Working with sales managers, creative, consultative sales approaches (and materials) were developed and systems were re-tooled to provide real-time, accurate data to all parties.

Results showed significantly improved customer relationships that led to increased sales. Customer satisfaction scores improved, and customer returns reduced.

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