I was able to view myself from a different angle, watching my interactions in a variety of typical situations, and then critiquing them for effectiveness. The training was a great opportunity to view strengths and areas to develop so clearly and directly.

— Sr. VP, Technology

The most useful, relevant, helpful training I've been part of in all my years at [this company].

— Director, Operations

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Develop, Coach, and Retain People

Where will we find leaders for the next phase of our growth? How can we keep from promoting people into roles they aren’t prepared for? A rapidly growing entrepreneurial company wrestled with these questions and asked our help.

AlexanderHancock partnered with our client to design, develop, and implement a high potential leader assessment and training program. Candidates were nominated by their managers and selected after a rigorous assessment process. The program took some previously unnoticed talent and enabled them to become outstanding leaders for the company.

Senior leaders in the company were engaged to present case studies and provide feedback and guidance. Program topics included Strategic Thinking, Emotionally Intelligent Leader, InnerView 360 feedback, Financial Management, and industry-specific topics.

Graduates of all these leadership programs are in significant leadership roles today. These efforts have enabled the company to retain talent and organizational knowledge by preparing them to grow within the company. The visibility of the program had an indirect effect of establishing ongoing leadership development as a key strategic initiative.

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