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Develop Leaders

The leaders of a fast-growing, entrepreneurial global firm had a tiger by the tail: the growth had them on an exciting ride, but they were desperate to identify promising, young high potential new leaders to help them support that growth. AlexanderHancock was asked to help them assess leadership capabilities and to design and implement training tailored to address their specific industry and the specific gaps identified in the assessment.

We designed a customized InnerView 360 survey and administered it to several hundred managers and potential leaders in the US and International locations. We also administered the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the FIRO-B to identify personality and leadership styles.

Customized Leadership Training was delivered beginning with the top level leaders.

Follow up the second year included a repeat of the InnerView 360 and a second level Leadership Training session addressing remaining skills gaps.

Executive Coaching was provided to a few high level leaders, strengthening them in areas that were key to company success.

Team Building helped several key teams work through conflicts and become more focused and cohesive.

As a result, when shifts began to occur in the industry and in the marketplace, leaders were much better prepared to deal with these challenges, were able to manage the company strategically through the whitewater of a changing economy, and were able to set new levels for competing in the marketplace.

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