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A global technology company asked AlexanderHancock Associates to facilitate a “team building” session for senior staff. The perceived problem was that the executives were not collaborating or sharing information appropriately and that there was lack of trust. We interviewed each member, reviewed other data such as aggregate 360 surveys of several hundred managers in the company and the most recent employee engagement scores. We discovered that the underlying issue behind “lack of teamwork” was a fundamental lack of alignment on the business direction. Business units were heading in different directions to the degree that customers had complained and employees were confused. Customer relations were suffering and revenues were declining. Executive compensation policies tended to reinforce competitive behavior rather than aligned, collaborative behavior.

AHA planned and facilitated an offsite Strategic Alignment session where open and honest dialogue revealed the strategy gaps. By the end of 2 days, the team had coalesced around a strong, clear direction, reinvigorated their core values, identified significant gaps and set up teams to address them.

Also, AHA provided customized training in how to ensure that key strategy messages are communicated throughout the employee population.

AHA’s InnerView 360 leader assessment was used to measure how well leaders are cascading the strategy message and engaging employees in dialogue about their role in implementing strategy.

Many of the “team conflict” issues faded as members of the team collaborated on implementing the new focus. Customer response was very favorable and customer satisfaction and sales improved.

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