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Customized, high-impact training for enduring results
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Individual development of targeted areas
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Get actionable data to support decisions
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Organizational development and change management
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Tailor-made Solutions. Seamless Implementation.

AlexanderHancock has collaborated with hundreds of clients to develop and implement customized solutions in 5 areas: training, measurement and assessment, executive coaching, organizational consulting, and meeting facilitation. Often the situation requires a combination of solutions – assessment plus training, training plus coaching, consulting plus facilitation, for example. Our commitment is to recommend the unique combination that best addresses your needs and fits your company’s culture.

Customized Training: developing skills, strengthening capabilities, and changing behavior

  • Leader Development Solutions: programs to develop leader competencies
  • Straight Talk Supervisory Skills training; programs to develop supervisory skills
  • Customer Value First solutions; programs to increase sales, build customer relationships, and improve customer service skills
  • Expert Business Partner solutions: programs to build the capabilities of staff support groups (HR, IT, Finance, Legal, Compliance, Risk Management, etc.)
  • Creative Change solutions: change management programs to improve capability to innovate and implement change in a positive way

Needs Assessment: tools and strategies to provide data for decision-making and development

  • Organizational surveys: climate, culture, engagement, alignment
  • Customer surveys
  • Needs assessments: to ensure learning and development investments are based on data
  • InnerView 360™ individual surveys: individual development data
  • Personality and style assessments: MBTI, Emotional Intelligence, NEO 5 Factor, DiSC, and many others

Executive Coaching: intensive one-on-one coaching

Organizational Consulting: collaborating with clients to analyze, evaluate, create options, build consensus, and implement enduring change solutions

  • Strategic alignment
  • Change management
  • Performance improvement

Meeting Facilitation: expert professional facilitation for your critical planning meetings

  • Planning retreats and offsites
  • Strategy sessions
  • Large group problem-solving

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