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Facilitators were excellent! Their knowledge, experience and their understanding of our organization's needs, challenges and culture truly added to the value of the workshop.

Director, Human Resources

Mike McKay

Mike McKay has been a professional communicator most of his life as a public speaker, presenter and teacher to individuals and live audiences, and to hundreds of thousands of viewers and listeners via television and radio.

His communication experience is tremendously varied and has deep roots. Mike has been a speaker and broadcaster since his early teens. He has become familiar to many Carolinians for his radio and TV work in Charlotte anchoring and hosting a wide variety of successful television and radio programs for Jefferson-Pilot Communications. He has also traveled across the country and overseas during a varied career as host, producer and writer of broadcast and corporate projects. Movie stars, CEO’s, musical legends, and countless “regular folks” — Mike has worked with them all bringing a warm, informed and helpful perspective to each encounter. He has kept a busy schedule as a speaker and presenter emceeing public events such as “First Night,” the New Year’s Eve celebration televised from Charlotte, and the long-running academic competition “High-Q,” as well as, pioneering late-night entertainment by creating, producing and hosting “Those Were the Years.”

His training expertise includes presentation skills, influencing skills, listening skills, business writing, and business meetings. In addition to his training with AlexanderHancock Associates, Mike is also the “morning man” on WDAV in Davidson, the classical music station for the Charlotte market, and spokesman for several corporate and commercial clients.

Mike earned the M.Ed. in Counseling at the University of North Carolina and a B.A., in History at the University of North Carolina.

AlexanderHancock Associates is proud to be able to offer our clients the skills and experience of this talented individual.




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