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Facilitators were excellent! Their knowledge, experience and their understanding of our organization's needs, challenges and culture truly added to the value of the workshop.

Director, Human Resources

Juanita Coston

Juanita has achieved international recognition as an Organizational Development Consultant, Personal/Executive Coach, Educator, and Manager with over 20 years experience in multicultural environments, specializing in cross-cultural communication. She has designed and implemented numerous successful programs in Diversity, Change Management, and Leadership Development. She has envisioned and implemented international partnering teams with connections in Ghana, Bermuda, United Kingdom, and elsewhere to promote global communications and business.

Juanita is an acclaimed keynote speaker for numerous local and national organizations, and has been for several years a successful adjunct professor at University of North Carolina Charlotte in the Organizational Development certification program and frequent guest lecturer.

Her varied work background includes over 12 years in front-line manufacturing production at General Motors as Production Supervisor and General Supervisor. She was a top performer in an environment where safety, quality assurance, continuous improvement, and personnel management were key to success. She also frequently was involved in resolving labor disputes, translating Spanish and French with visiting delegates, and providing training to all levels of the organization during transitions and plant closings.

She also spent 4 years as executive director of a local government Minority Contractor’s Association, where she was responsible for providing administrative services, grantsmanship, technical and managerial support to entrepreneurs and staff/laborers. She also provided services in bid procurement, preparation, and cost-estimating in all areas of construction from asphalt paving to general contracting as needed.

For over 7 years Juanita was an adjunct consultant with Drake Beam Morin in numerous venues internationally with consistent top-ratings.

Juanita has an MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of North Carolina Charlotte, and a BS in clinical psychology from Dillard University. She mentors and counsels youth and professionals in entrepreneurship and life balance.

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