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InnerView 360 TM Survey

“Ultimately, leadership development is a process of self-development.  The quest for leadership is first an inner quest to discover who you are.”  Kouzes and Posner, in The Leadership Challenge

Most people do not see themselves as others see them.  Even the most open and honest have some blind spots that can hinder their ability as leaders.  The inner quest of self-knowledge and self development requires continuous probing of the blind spots, and for that we need the help of others.  Yet while others see both the leader’s strengths and problem behaviors, they seldom have the skills, tact, courage, or opportunity to constructively bring this information to the leader’s attention.

The leader’s direct supervisor may have only a limited view, and that view certainly will be different from the perspectives of peers, teammates, customers, and subordinates.  Yet these are the people who most often are affected by the leader’s performance. Feedback from all these colleagues – from 360 degrees – is critical to enable leaders to confront blind spots and plan how to overcome them, as well as plan ways to optimize their strengths.

Regularly and systematically providing 360 degree feedback to leaders helps your business achieve important benefits:

  • Leaders who are constantly improving their capabilities
  • Greater openness to giving and receiving feedback throughout the organization
  • Earlier identification of potential issues before they become derailers
  • Data from 360 reports supports targeted development efforts at the individual and group level
  • Data from 360 reports provides a benchmark for measuring improvement over time.
  • Data from 360 reports supports more objective decisions in succession planning and talent management


  • Customizable: We will partner with you to select the competencies and leadership behaviors that are most important to your company’s success. Versions are available both for managers and for professional individual contributors, or we work with you to create your own.
  • Comprehensive: Leaders will receive a detailed report providing statistical data, graphs, and detailed verbatim comments to help analyze performance and plan improvements.  Group reports can help plan development strategies. When a number of leaders in the organization have completed the assessment, company norms may be included for comparisons.  Year-over-year comparisons also will show improvement.
  • High Impact: Leaders will receive a coaching session with one of our consultants to ensure understanding of the messages in the feedback, to clarify direction, and to draft a development plan. After the leader has drafted the plan, the consultant reviews it again and provides guidance as needed.  In addition the consultant is also available to provide guidance to HR Business Partners and Managers of subjects in how to help the individual develop needed capabilities. These conversations engage the Manager and HR Business partner as a team working with the Subject locally to target specific development actions, thus ensuring follow up and follow through.
  • Creates receptiveness to feedback: Having an external provider administer the surveys and provide the feedback and coaching ensures a high level of trust in the data and the process. Subjects who might be defensive and self-protective when receiving this feedback from an internal colleague tend to be more open and receptive with the external consultant.


InnerView 360 surveys are administered through our secure website, and confidentiality is assured. Respondents receive an email with the survey link, and log on using an individual password of their choosing.  AlexanderHancock provides status updates to in-house administrators, and numerous reminders to respondents. As a result, response rate is very high. Turnaround time from start to finish is typically 4-6 weeks.

Customized Solutions

AlexanderHancock has several versions of questionnaires to help you choose the most important areas to measure.  We can also customize the competencies and behaviors measured using your company’s own leadership competencies, if you desire. We will also talk with you about your company’s business situation, strategies and goals in order to relate the feedback to what is important to your business.


The following are some of the ways our clients have used InnerView 360 feedback and coaching:

  • To provide data for succession planning and talent management
  • To support training in leadership development
  • To provide a baseline for the development of high-potential leaders
  • In executive coaching

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