The training had a whole different focus than any other training I’ve received. I learned a number of tools and techniques that felt unnatural to me initially, but having absorbed and made them my own, I’ve benefited from their use in one-on-ones and group settings.

— Sr. VP, Call center

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2. Improve customer experience:

Customers vote with their feet – and take jobs with them


  • How can we focus everyone on relentlessly improving the customer experience?
  • What is the link between employee loyalty and customer loyalty?
  • What critical skill sets does our company need to improve the customer experience?
  • How can all employees connected to our customers have a voice in our future direction and business strategy?
  • How can we keep the few key customer measures visible to the entire organization?
  • How can we focus all support functions on serving the business units as important internal customers?


  1. Hear the Voice of the Customer through Customer Surveys and Focus Groups.
  2. Pinpoint the gaps in Customer Focus through Organizational Culture and Climate Surveys, and Employee Engagement Surveys
  3. Align daily activities with key customer metrics through Customer Value First Consulting on policies, processes, and practices.
  4. Increase customer satisfaction with skilled employees through custom tailored Customer Value First skills training
  5. Continuously improve customer experience by engaging front-line employees in improvement strategies. (Customer Value First Consulting)
  6. Delight customers by empowering employees to meet customer needs. (Customer Value First Consulting and Training)
  7. Ensure end-to-end customer service excellence by training support functions to serve internal customers in our skills-based custom tailored Consulting Partner Skills