I can't begin to tell you the difference your training has made in my management style.  While I still need to work on paraphrasing and Asking and Listening, the skills are coming along and I find the conversations I have far more meaningful, actionable and, in short, more effective!

— Sr. VP, Operations

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7. Grow sales:

Sales drives everything. Everyone has a role.


  • How can we grow our sales by engaging all employees in the process?
  • How can we develop and maintain a value-added sales culture that strengthens our relationships with customers?
  • How can we help our sales reps ask better questions to uncover customer needs?
  • How can we make winning sales presentations?
  • How can we increase coordination and collaboration in the sales account team?
  • How can we get our customer-facing reps to share information with our internal support teams?


  1. Develop a value-added sales culture through Research and Analysis of existing attitudes and behaviors, Overcoming Barriers, and Developing Skills
  2. Identify what it takes to be successful in sales through a customized Sales Competency Model
  3. Dramatically increase the skills of sales reps through custom tailored Consultative Selling Skills training using our P2P skill-building methodology.
  4. Build loyal repeat customer relationships through improved diagnosis of customer needs and listening to customer concerns using our customized Asking the Right Questions training.
  5. Create flawless customer experiences through Collaborative Customer Teams consulting efforts and customized, skills-based Front-line Customer Service training
  6. Create seamless sales and customer support processes through our custom tailored Internal Customer Support Training