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Facilitative Leadership: 21st Century Skills For 21st Century Leaders

Are you developing leaders to be individual “superheroes” – or to be facilitators of organizational success? In his book Leadership in a Wiki World, Rod Collins says, “great leaders understand from the start that everything is not about them, which frees them to focus the full force of their talents in service of the company when the company needs it the most… Their strength and their power are firmly rooted in their capacity to bring together the best thinking and the unique talents of everyone in service of the company.”

The complexity and fast pace of the digital age have made it impossible for a single expert – or even a small group of “experts” – to solve the many complex challenges facing businesses today.

Heroic leaders tend to believe they have the ability to solve all the complex business problems they face. Facilitative leaders know that “no one person is as smart as all of us together.” They believe the ability to solve complex business problems lies in the collective wisdom of the group – and they have the will and the skills to draw out this wisdom and facilitate the consensus and commitment to act.

Since most leadership models continue to be some variation of command-and-control, leaders and aspiring leaders need to learn a new set of skills in order to meet the challenges of the digital age by capitalizing on collective wisdom.

Developing Facilitative Leadership skills helps you achieve important benefits:

  • Your business is positioned for rapid response to the changing marketplace
  • More lasting solutions to persistent problems are developed through engaging the collective wisdom of all stakeholders
  • More creative innovation and improvements are generated
  • Increased employee engagement leads to improved overall performance
  • Retained intellectual capital, even when leadership changes

Facilitative Leadership Training highlights:

  • Facilitative leadership versus command-and-control
  • Why command-and-control no longer works in the digital age
  • How to shift from being “in charge” to engaging the group to take charge
  • Facilitative Leadership techniques and skills
  • How to engage and inspire groups and focus them on critical business issues
  • How to generate creative and critical thinking
  • How to facilitate group problem solving
  • Techniques for group consensus building
  • How to facilitate large group strategy development

Facilitative Leadership Methodology

Participants in Facilitative Leadership spend most of their workshop time in practices with coaching and feedback in P2P Videolabs™ – AlexanderHancock’s trademarked process for rapid development of business communication skills. They use customized case studies, and bring their own real situations to use in the practice sessions.

Facilitative Leadership Customized Solutions

To ensure that training is not just an “event,” but instead produces enduring results, we customize Facilitative Leadership to fit your unique situation, business strategy, culture, and people.  After discussion with you and other experts within your organization, we select the emphasis, specific skills to be developed, key learning points, exercises, and case studies for practice to create a solution tailored just for you.

Facilitative Leadership Applications

The following are some of the ways our clients have used custom versions of Facilitative Leadership:

  • To change from a bureaucratic command-and-control culture to a more nimble, responsive culture with engaged and empowered employees
  • To increase employee engagement
  • To support innovation and improvement strategies
  • To ensure the firm’s intellectual capital stays in the firm and doesn’t leave when the hero leaves

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