The people at AlexanderHancock display the highest level of professionalism and real drive to help your business improve. They’ve been involved with our company for well over a decade and still want to engage to solve problems for our future.

— Ross Dalton
former President
GTECH Printing Company

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9. Increase Employee Engagement:

Engage your people to ensure your future.


  • How can we increase employee engagement every day to make a difference in our business?
  • How can we ensure that employees feel valued for their contributions, take pride in their work, and are loyal to the organization?
  • How can we create an environment where employees can achieve, grow, learn, and develop?
  • How can we ensure that communication between employees and supervisors is continuous, two-way, open, and constructive?
  • How can we measure employee engagement through leading indicators rather than only lagging indicators?
  • How can managers assess employee engagement in their teams on the spot?
  • What skills do supervisors need to inspire engagement and address employee concerns in a way that strengthens our business?


  1. Pinpoint areas of disengagement through customized surveys, focus groups, and interviews
  2. Identify key drivers of engagement through quantitative analysis
  3. Create a strategy for creating a high performing/high valued work environment through facilitated planning sessions with senior staff.
  4. Set organizational targets and metrics for tracking progress through consulting and partnership with AHA
  5. Equip leaders with skills and tools to lead an engaged workforce through customized, skills-based Leader Development Solutions and Straight Talk Supervisory Training
  6. Sustain engagement focus through facilitated best practice sharing sessions.
  7. Strengthen leader capability through targeted Executive Coaching