Emmie Alexander, Founding Partner/Research & Development

Emmie has over thirty-five years experience in consulting in the areas of leadership, strategic planning, teambuilding, management development, and interpersonal communication. She is sought after as an executive coach, speaker and facilitator, and has provided consulting and training services to Fortune 50 as well as small companies in manufacturing, technology, communications, banking/finance and insurance, retail, utilities, and business services, as well as professional organizations, local and Federal government and non-profits.

Her experience has taken her to the factory floor and to the executive offices all across the US, and in Europe, South America, Canada and Mexico. Her focus is always on improving performance – both at the individual level and at the enterprise level, using strategic learning, change management strategies, and assessment and measurement.

Emmie has the M.A. degree in Organizational Communication from Wake Forest University; and a B.A. from Queens College in English and French. Her professional training includes the Executive Management Program at UNC; the Harvard Negotiation Project led by Fisher and Ury, the authors of Getting to Yes and other books on negotiation; workshops on Systems Thinking; workshops on managing Future Search conferences led by Marvin Weisbord, author of Productive Workplaces and Discovering Common Ground; and workshops on organizational change led by Edgar Schein, PhD, author of Process Consultation and other books.

Her professional memberships have included The American Society for Training and Development, the International Society for Performance Improvement, the Association for Quality and Participation, and the Association for Psychological Type. She is a Charter Certified Myers-Briggs Practitioner and is a founding member of Searchnet, a non-profit network of professionals committed to helping communities build consensus through future search conferences.

In addition to her own consulting career, Emmie has managed three consulting firms. Before starting AlexanderHancock, she became Managing Partner and CEO at LEAD Associates in Charlotte, NC. At Hayes and Associates of Winston-Salem, NC she became Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Emmie has given countless hours of service to her community. She chaired the Quality Education Committee and led projects for the Community Relations Committee. She served on the Board of Directors of The Relatives (an agency serving teenagers in the Charlotte area), the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and United Family Services. She is active in her church in a number of roles.