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Distance Learning at AlexanderHancock Associates

E-learning, Webinars, Classroom, and Blended Solutions

AlexanderHancock Associates provides distance learning solutions custom designed for your specific situation and learning objectives. Typically the cognitive learning elements can be addressed through distance methods, blended with behavioral skill-building in intense instructor led workshops.

The challenge: budgets versus results

Billions of dollars are spent on corporate learning and development every year, in both distance and classroom settings, and many times nothing changes as a result. Thousands of managers and professionals listen to lectures and watch PowerPoint presentations. They leave with information and ideas, but do not behave differently as a result.

What is your measure of success of training? Cost per participant, or impact on business results?   At AlexanderHancock, we are committed to developing custom solutions that are a solid business investment for our clients.  We understand the pressure to reduce travel expense and reduce time away from the job, while still ensuring learning and development that produces lasting business results. Meeting the goal of enduring results within the constraints of budget and time requires creative solutions.

“Knowing” doesn’t produce changed behavior

Almost all learning in a business environment is intended to produce lasting change in behavior. Most learning programs have several objectives: knowledge, awareness/insight --  and skills.  Only when behavioral skills are addressed will the training produce lasting change in behavior.

While individual learners vary in their preferred styles of learning new knowledge and gaining awareness, almost everyone agrees that the only way to build skills is through practical application – trying out the new behavior, getting feedback and coaching, and trying again.

We’ve never known anyone who can become a scratch golfer simply by reading a How-To book, or by watching Tiger Woods on ESPN. And research clearly shows (see our white paper on our P2P videolab methodology) that changing deeply ingrained habits of communication requires intensive practice, coaching, and feedback. There’s no short cut to building skills.

Match the learning delivery method to the desired outcome.

  1. Increasing knowledge and understanding: cognitive learning
    AlexanderHancock e-learning effectively delivers content – information, principles, steps, and familiarization with tools.  Depending on the diligence of the learner, which is often inconsistent, AHA e-learning can also stimulate reflective thinking that leads to insight and awareness.  In our classroom training, the cognitive objective is usually achieved through a variety of strategies: pre-workshop reading, watching a video, brief lecture/discussions supported by training outlines, and facilitated discussions.
  2. Developing insight and awareness: reflective learning
    AlexanderHancock webinars with small groups enhance Insight and awareness through skillfully facilitated group discussions. We engage participants using thought provoking questions and exercises to stimulate reflection and aha! Moments.  Even with excellent facilitation, participants at their own desktops can participate inconsistently. In our classroom training, facilitated large and small group discussion is a key element of every program, and expert facilitators ensure full participation.
  3. Build skills
    AlexanderHancock instructor-led workshops provide intense practice, coaching, and feedback.  Participants practice their own real-world situations and receive direct and honest feedback from expert facilitators and peers. Practice sessions are designed to create maximum self-awareness, honest feedback, plus coaching in a supportive environment.

What an AlexanderHancock Blended Solution Might Look Like

A blended solution for our Breakthrough Business Conversations might contain these 3 elements:

  1. An e-learning component to present key principles, rationale, steps, and familiarization with the tools. This element allows participants to learn the cognitive materials at their own desks at a time convenient for them.
  2. Webinars to create awareness and deepen understanding through a video example of each of the conversations and expertly facilitated discussion. This element allows small groups to interact with the facilitator and each other in real time at their own desktops.
  3. On-site P2P Videolabs™ to build skills through practice, feedback, coaching, and trying again.  This element brings groups of 5 participants together for a shared intense skill building practice at a site of your choosing.  Each videolab lasts approximately 3 hours. Each individual might experience 3 labs practicing 3 different critically important conversations, over a period of several days.  Since each group of 5 participants requires one skilled facilitator, multiple groups can meet simultaneously when facilities are available.


If your goal is to reduce the participants’ time away from the job, or to reduce travel expense or some of the other costs of training – without sacrificing the goal of lasting change in behavior, consider AlexanderHancock’s blended solutions. Contact us to learn more.

Download Our E-Learning Solutions Whitepaper