Writing for Results

Why this course?

Every day, businesses lose money because of poor written communications across the organization. Writing for Results helps participants learn how to enhance strategic communications by organizing and writing crisp, clear, concise, compelling business documents. These documents help produce desired business results by:

  • eliminating confusion
  • making good use of both the writer’s and the reader’s time
  • helping the reader, such as a senior manager or colleague, make more informed business decisions and avoid costly mistakes


What makes us different? 

Writing for Results:

  • is customized to your organization and even to specific units within your organization, using real-life examples and exercises from your organization and from participants’ own work
  • spends about two-thirds of participants’ time in numerous skill practices, along with peer feedback and expert coaching
  • provides individual, targeted feedback from the Writing Coach to each participant, using samples that participants submit before the workshop 
  • includes a one-on-one, personalized session with the Writing Coach for each participant 

How does your organization benefit?

For the writer, our approach helps participants write more clearly, thus reducing misunderstanding, wasted effort, rework, and editing. And it brings about lasting change in how the writer writes by providing a methodology that works. 

For the reader, this better-organized, more concise writing reduces the time business leaders waste reading unclear and poorly organized writing and provides a better understanding of the business outcome that the writer wants to happen.

For the organization, this writing will lead to more precise and accurate focus on key business issues and will reduce the risk of missing important ideas, prompting action that will increase efficiency and profitability. 

What will participants learn?

Participants will learn how to:

  • Clearly communicate information, recommendations, and ideas, avoiding misunderstanding or confusion
  • Express ideas and information concisely, enabling readers to grasp key points quickly
  • Present information and recommendations persuasively and compellingly, thereby gaining commitment toward the desired business results
  • Avoid common errors in grammar, word choice, and syntax
  • Present themselves as effective professionals through their written communication

How does the course work?

Writing for Results, with a maximum of 12 participants, is a 12-hour workshop, plus a coaching session for each individual participant. In that coaching session, each participant will spend 15 to 20 minutes with the Writing Coach, who will review their individual writing samples.

The course combines writing practices, peer critiques and expert coaching, using writing samples each participant provides in advance, as well as some of the company’s own writing samples.

How will the skills be sustained?

Sustaining the skills entails collaboration on the part of the participants, their managers, and the organization. We can offer strategies to support all three and can work with you to select and implement strategies to ensure sustainable success.

Want to learn more?

For a free consultation to learn more about how your employees can learn to write clearly and persuasively so as to better achieve business goals, please call or email us today: 704-892-5097 or inquiries@alexanderhancock.com.

Could you use some clearer writing in your business?

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