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A call center division of a major financial services company had dedicated multiple resources to help improve customer satisfaction scores. Over two years, technology was upgraded, operational processes were streamlined and additional customer service reps were hired. The results of these rather expensive efforts were disappointing: customer satisfaction scores remained flat and customer feedback sessions made no reference to any of the “improvements” that were made.

Working with the national leader of customer service and his HR partner, AlexanderHancock interviewed key leaders at every level within the customer service organization as well as using its Manager Communication survey to determine:


  • That line managers were not conducting important coaching and developmental conversations with customer service reps in order to provide feedback and positive models on how reps could improve the service they provided to customers.
  • That line managers lacked the essential communication skills in order to conduct a variety of performance conversations effectively.

In response to these findings, AHA designed and delivered to all levels of management in the Customer Service area a custom designed training program Leader Communication Skills: How To Have Difficult Conversations, using AlexanderHancock’s P2P videolab methodology. This training provided leaders with an important toolkit of communication skills as well as key models for having such conversations as: Using Teachable Moments; Formal Coaching Sessions, Communicating Performance Objectives to Obtain Buy-in and Commitment; How to Create and Communicate Leadership (Behavioral) Objectives; Addressing Off Track Performance.

As a result, customer satisfaction increased by over 10%; line manager business conversation skills measured by the Manager Communiction survey improved in every area.  The program was recommended and implemented in Back Office Operations and Implementation teams.

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