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Sound History.
Bright Future.

AlexanderHancock Associates was founded in 1989 by Emmie Alexander and Jerry Hancock in Davidson, NC (near Charlotte).

After many years as a consultant and officer in other firms, Emmie struck out as an independent in 1989. In just a few months Jerry Hancock joined her, bringing his vast experience in communications, creative design, technology, and marketing. Together they formed the AlexanderHancock partnership in 1989.

Over the past 22 years, the two partners have strategically chosen to keep the organization small in order to ensure clients the personal attention and expertise of the partners, and to secure the experienced, proven capabilities of a select group of professional contract consultants with whom we have worked for many years, many former clients themselves.

  • We work with a few clients at a time in order to create a close working relationship with our clients, and to ensure quick response, collaborative decisions.
  • Our strength is helping clients achieve business results by developing skills that are practical and immediately applied in the workplace. These skills are transferable across a wide range of business situations.
  • We constantly conduct research to stay current and to continuously strengthen our offerings, both in the area of current expert thinking and through action research on best practices in leading organizations.
  • We’re flexible on ways to help you achieve your objectives, and firm on the values of quality results, relationships, and trust.

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