The facilitators were amazing! I was very impressed with their knowledge, perspective, and examples of practical application.

— Manager, Sales

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Lori Dvorak

Lori's background includes a Masters Degree in Business and Education with certification in Training and Development from the University of Minnesota.  Her experience in teaching management, entrepreneurship, communications, accounting and marketing has given her a well-rounded approach to helping individuals in many areas.

In addition to training, Lori works with individuals and teams as a personal and professional coach.  Her leadership experience as a department manager allowed her to develop and coach the teamwork needed to not only accomplish department goals, but also surpass them, saving the company a half-million dollars in revenue.  As a dedicated leader, she combined the team dynamics of various personalities and talents with shared ideas to generate exciting results.

Lori has worked as a consultant with hundreds of business owners to develop and implement the vision and mission statements for their company, resulting in growth and profitable results.