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Curtis Charlesworth

Curtis is responsible for new business development, research and program design, and delivering training, coaching and consulting services. Prior to joining AlexanderHancock, Curtis led the Training and Development function for two major corporations. With more than 35 years of experience in human resources, training and leadership development, change management, and business development, Curtis brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to AlexanderHancock. He has worked in field, regional, corporate, and global level positions for Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller organizations.

Curtis is dedicated to improving business results. In previous roles, Curtis was an active business partner working with leaders to develop business strategy, facilitate process improvements, and identify new markets and services.

He has designed and implemented numerous unique training and development solutions including a fast-track leadership development and mentoring program that saved a company more than $500,000 in training and recruiting costs and generated more than $500,000 in revenue based on new process development improvements. In addition, he helped another company identify and eliminate over $200,000 in unnecessary administrative and production costs while improving alignment and communications between company departments.

Curtis has provided coaching for senior and middle level managers, led diversity and cultural change initiatives, driven business development opportunities, and managed strategic change initiatives. He also has experience designing and facilitating courses in creativity, strategic thinking, implementing change, team building, communication skills, and human resources. His courses in creativity and strategic thinking have helped several organizations improve their strategic planning process and overall business results.

Curtis has a B.A. in Social Science from Michigan State University and a M.A. in Industrial Relations from Wayne State University and is a certified Myers-Briggs practioner.